Health Links

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Life Extension Foundation ( The LEF, now 25 years old, is an excellent source for current research and treatment information for many of the preventable or chronic diseases of aging.
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ( This is the website of the organization that has established Board Certification in one of the fastest growing new medical specialties worldwide.
The Better Health ( This website is an authoritative guide to treating Lyme disease with natural products and protocols.
Medaus Pharmacy ( This compounding pharmacy is a principle provider of compounded thyroid medications that support Wilson's Temperature Protocol.
College Pharmacy ( Another compounding pharmacy providing BioIdentical Hormones to physicians and their patients.
Published Medical Research Abstracts ( This website opens a "search" door to an extensive database of published research articles and abstracts. Abstracts are free. There is a charge for a full length article.
The Institute For Functional Medicine ( Closely linked with Anti-Aging Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Holistic Medicine, this site describes the science-based approach to our individual biochemical imbalances and their impact. ( Dr. Lowe focuses on "Metabolic Health" and the impact it can have on chronic diseases like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HypoThyroidism.