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At Stress Medicine Consulting, I strive to work with my patients to make sure they feel they have had all of their concerns addressed. I take the time needed to do a thorough evaluation, to consider how your symptoms could be affected by both your internal environment (physical problems, hormonal balance, toxic load, nutritional status and perceptions) and your external environment ( work and family stress, pollution or infection exposure, waking sleeping cycles, nutrition, etc). You will have access to all your diagnostic testing results, and we will discuss together a treatment plan that works with your lifestyle, needs and goals.


I evaluate the whole person and specialize in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for men and women, Improving Cognitive Functioning, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and other thyroid issues, Stress and Chronic Fatigue, Lyme disease and co-infections that often accompany Lyme infections, Cardiovascular disease prevention, Diabetes prevention and complex multi-system issues.


My new book “Renegade Patient, The No-nonsense Guide To Getting the Healthcare You Need” (publ 2008) helps people develop the know-how to get thorough, high quality healthcare, and access to the information you need to get and stay healthy.  (available at online booksellers and by contacting me at tmrinker@aol.com.  I do my best to be the kind of healthcare practitioner I urge you to search out in my book.