Diet and Lifestyle Changes  

I don’t expect anyone to make complete lifestyle changes overnight. I certainly wasn’t able to, and I haven’t seen very many people who have.  At the same time, all the hormones and vitamins in the world won’t bring you good health and a long life if you eat unhealthy food and have a stress-filled, sedentary lifestyle.  Change is difficult, but support and education can motivate us to make it much easier! Real success, such as losing weight without feeling deprived and exhausted, can actually make lifestyle changes seem sensible and fun. You will see the benefits start to show, you’ll feel yourself having more energy, looking better, being stronger and having better health. You will start to look forward to a future where you will be in charge of your health and vitality and will have an active vigorous life.  Doesn’t that prospect sound so much better than the dismal predictions of heart disease, obesity and diabetes that is the common lot of most Americans as they age?

Immune System Enhancement and Cancer Prevention

 An Assessment of Immune System Function is part of any assessment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Severe Headaches, Chronic Pain and most long-term problems with digestion and diarrhea. I also strongly urge and teach my patients on hormone therapy about supplements that reduce the risk of cancer, especially the cancers that can increase when taking hormone replacement therapy. However, as one gets older, the Immune System becomes less efficient in general in detecting cancer cells and destroying them before they have a chance to become tumors. It is important to assist this part of our bodies in staying young and vital so that it can keep policing the body continually and destroying cancer cells. We also look at the destructive forces of autoimmune disorders, where the immune system becomes confused and attacks our own organs as though they are foreign invaders, and can cause such illnesses as Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Allergies, some forms of thyroid disease and some forms of migraine headache.



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