What can you do to delay the effects of aging? Have YOU heard the discouraging news from your doctor that many of the symptoms you have are simply things you’ll have to get used to because they are the inevitable effects of aging?
  • Fatigue, decreased strength and endurance
  • Reduced sex drive, performance, and satisfaction
  • Impaired memory, moodiness and depression
  • Weight gain, joint pain and general achiness
  • Intolerance for cold or warm temperatures, more frequent colds
  • Decreased creativity and motivation, problems with sleep
Physicians are still taught that the diseases of aging are inevitable, and the most we can do is diet and exercise, and develop a positive attitude about our growing fragility and decline.
This is not the case!

A positive attitude, diet and exercise are all wonderful ways to enhance health, but modern research has proven that our bodies age and decline in function because many hormone levels decline, and the diseases of aging soon follow! To restore a youthful body and good health, or to prevent damage to your health and well being, it is important to restore youthful hormone levels, and to replace and maintain vitamins and minerals that the older adult needs to keep the mind and body thriving and strong.

How Anti-Aging Medicine Works

Replacing the hormones that decline as we age can safely help both men and women return to their youthful selves, and live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Hormone levels can vary widely from one person to the next, and so replacement should be carefully balanced and monitored based on blood levels, symptoms and treatment response. Managing the risks of hormone replacement is also an important role of the relationship with your anti-aging physician. Taking supplements that prevent cancer and heart disease, assessing risk factors and addressing them, and treating the whole person is an essential preventive medicine principle that we practice.

Assessing your hormone profile begins with blood tests and a careful examination by Dr. Rinker, who is trained as an Anti-Aging specialist. Then a personalized program of total hormone replacement can begin, where a safe, physiologic level of hormones are prescribed to put you back in optimal health. She will address not only your hormone status, but also your health history and genetic profile for disease risk, and design a personalized health plan for prevention of future age related disease.

To find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you, please contact Dr. Rinker to ask questions or schedule an appointment for a full evaluation.

The Whole Picture

What else leads to youthful health?

Cardiovascular Preventive Medicine

A thorough review of your cardiovascular profile, including your antioxidant profile, inflammatory, even genetic profile and fitness level determine your heart disease risk based on these and your family history and is the beginning of your Cardio Risk Prevention Program. After reviewing laboratory results, body fat ratios, fitness level and food and supplement intake, and possibly other tests based on these findings, together we will design a program that feels workable to you, and gets you on the path to excellent health.

 Prevention of Mental Decline and Alzheimer's Disease

A family history of Alzheimer's Disease or other premature senility can make anyone fearful of senility. There is also a syndrome called Age-Related Cognitive Decline which is much more slow and subtle, and which is usually reversible with supplements and hormone replacement. The symptoms of slow retrieval of names, numbers, long and short term memories, impaired focus and concentration and slower learning speed and reaction time can all be symptoms of Age-Related Cognitive Decline and can show up as early as one's early 40's. When a family history of Alzheimer's Disease is present, preventive measures are a must. There are many supplements, such as high doses of Vitamin E, CoEnzyme Q 10, Vitamin C, Phospho-lipids, Essential fatty acids and other important supplements that make a significant difference in the prevention of this crippling disease..